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Cost of Living Award

Due to many households facing increased challenges in meeting their basic needs, the Scottish Government has announced a Cost of Living Award of £150 which will shortly be available and will be linked to a person’s Council Tax.

In order to receive this award, a person must either:

  • Live in a property in any Council Tax valuation band, be liable for Council Tax and be in receipt of Council Tax Reduction (CTR) on 14 February 2022. Please note that if you are solely in receipt of Single Person Discount, this will not be sufficient to qualify for the award.


  • Live in a property in Council Tax Band A-D and be liable for Council Tax on 14 February 2022.


  • Be exempt from Council Tax on 14 February 2022 because either:
    • all of the occupants of the property are under 18
    • all of the occupants of the property are care leavers
    • all of the occupants of the property are severely mentally impaired
    • the property is unoccupied due to the resident having gone to someone else’s home to provide care or the resident is receiving care elsewhere


How does it work?

 You do not need to apply for this award as entitlement to the award will be assessed using the information currently held for Council Tax.

People in receipt of Council Tax Reduction or in property bands A-D will have the £150 payment deducted from their initial 2022/23 Council Tax payments.

Those entitled to Council Tax exemption will receive a cheque for £150. Only one award payment can be made per household. It is expected all payments will be made by the end of April 2022.


How will I receive this award?

 The award will be deducted from the first installment(s) of your Council Tax – there is no facility for payment of the award to be paid directly to you.

If you are exempt from Council Tax because you are under 18, a care leaver, severely mentally impaired or your property is unoccupied because you have gone to someone else’s home to provide care or you are receiving care elsewhere, your local authority will arrange for the £150 payment to be paid to you.


How can I tell if I’m receiving the award?

If the award has been deducted from your Council Tax, this will show on the reverse of your notice as either deduction entitled “Cost of Living Award” or as a payment of £150.

If you are exempt from Council Tax, you will receive a payment rather than this being deducted from your Council Tax.

This will usually be made to the person first named on the Council Tax notice. If you are exempt from paying Council Tax, please get in touch with the council tax team at your local authority to ensure you receive this cheque.

More information can be found here or on your local authority website.