Five tips to help improve your wellbeing

This week is World Wellbeing Week. Our Helpline and Information Officer, Uschi Stickroth offers five tips which may help maintain or improve overall wellbeing.
People jumping up

Three ways to start practicing self-compassion

Our Wellbeing Manager, Vicki Burns talks about the importance of being self-compassionate and caring for ourselves during this challenging time.
A man struggling with anxiety

Supporting you during COVID-19 pandemic

It is normal to feel anxious, sad or depressed during these difficult times. However, there is support out there to help you get through...

Ways to help deal with and reduce anxiety

  Our Helpline & Information Officer, Stuart Macgee provides information on ways to help deal with and reduce anxiety, especially during this uncertain time.

Dealing with the impact epilepsy can have on family life

  Bruce Shiell, Wellbeing Worker at Epilepsy Scotland looks at how to deal with the impact a child’s epilepsy diagnosis can have on family life.

How social prescribing helps people with epilepsy

  Our Chief Executive, Lesslie Young provides information on the concept of social prescribing, which seeks to address people’s individual needs including areas such as...

The concept of social prescribing

  Our Wellbeing Manager, Vicki Burns looks at the concept of social prescribing.

Importance of our buddy volunteers

  Our Wellbeing Manager, Vicki Burns looks at the importance of our buddy volunteers who play an essential role in our breathing & relaxation...

Complementary therapies and epilepsy

  Bruce Shiell, Wellbeing Worker at Epilepsy Scotland looks at how complementary therapies in conjuction with anti-epileptic medication can have a positive impact on...

What to expect when you’re not expecting

  Heather Morrow experienced constant feelings of self-doubt and felt that due to living with epilepsy, it would make her a bad mother. However,...