#BeyondCovid – Looking to the future

As National Epilepsy Week draws to a close, our Chief Executive, Lesslie Young, looks towards the future and how we must ensure services and...

#BeyondCovid – How check-in service helped me during the pandemic

Elle shares her experiences of being diagnosed with epilepsy, the impact the pandemic has had on her and how Epilepsy Scotland’s check-in service has...

#BeyondCovid – Overcoming loneliness and isolation

Our Helpline & Information Officer, Stuart Macgee, provides five steps to combat the feelings of loneliness and isolation.
COVID-19 Virus

#BeyondCovid – Impact of COVID on people with epilepsy

Our Policy Assistant, Anna Telfer, provides results of our COVID-19 has been affecting people with epilepsy survey and how important it is to consider...

#BeyondCovid – Improving my mental health

Chris shares his experiences of how he felt after being diagnosed with epilepsy, what impact the pandemic has had on him and his advice...

#BeyondCovid – Facts every person with epilepsy looking for work should know

Our Helpline and Information Officer, Uschi Stickroth, looks at some of the facts every person with epilepsy looking for work should know.

#BeyondCovid – Employment benefits

The COVID-19 pandemic has seen many people unfortunately lose their job. Our Welfare Rights Officer, Tracey Millar provides some of the financial support you...

#BeyondCovid – Impact of Covid-19

Jan’s son Peter has been living with epilepsy since he was young child. Here Jan explains how she felt when he was diagnosed, how...

#BeyondCovid – Future of epilepsy services in Scotland

Epilepsy Specialist Nurse, Gareth Davison explains how the COVID-19 pandemic has affected epilepsy services in Scotland and what services will look like post pandemic.

The SPIFOX Wellbeing Garden

Lesslie Young, Chief Executive at Epilepsy Scotland announces an exciting new development at Epilepsy Scotland, the SPIFOX Wellbeing Garden.