Epilepsy Scotland

65 years of Epilepsy Scotland

  We are celebrating our 65th anniversary next month and our Chief Executive, Lesslie Young looks at 65 years of Epilepsy Scotland.

National Conference

Epilepsy Scotland’s National Conference

  Following the success of our last conference in Edinburgh, we have decided to host an event in Glasgow, Saturday 2 November. The conference will focus on individualised methods to treating and managing epilepsy.


How to reduce stress and anxiety

  Bruce Shiell, Wellbeing Worker at Epilepsy Scotland looks at ways to reduce stress and anxiety, which for some people may be a seizure trigger.

Teachers guide

Introducing our teachers guide

  Uschi Stickroth, Helpline & Information Officer, at Epilepsy Scotland provides information on what to expect from our new teachers guide and how it can help teachers look after children living with epilepsy.

Travelling abroad

Travelling abroad living with epilepsy

  Stuart Macgee, Helpline & Information Officer at Epilepsy Scotland provides a few things people living with epilepsy should consider when travelling abroad.

Epilepsy Scotland

Exciting times for Epilepsy Scotland

  Our Chief Executive, Lesslie Young shares some of the exciting advances, achievements and developments within Epilepsy Scotland so far this year.

Staying safe with epilepsy

Staying safe with epilepsy guide

  Uschi Stickroth, Helpline & Information Officer at Epilepsy Scotland explains how our revised Staying safe with epilepsy guide can help identify and minimise possible risks.


Brexit – Medication Update

Epilepsy Scotland, along with several other charities, met with the Scottish Government’s Head of Medicine Policy and Principal Pharmaceutical Officer to go over plans to ensure the supply of medications in the event of a no deal Brexit.