Ross Bennet

Ross was a Police Officer for 30 years and is now a part-time self-employed auditor.

He is a family man with two children, his pet dog and a family horse.

Ross enjoys running and generally keeping fit and active. He has nocturnal epilepsy which he views as being part of who he is.

Ross had his first known seizure back in 1997. At the time, he was a Detective Constable and when he retired he was a Detective Superintendent. During this period, he also achieved a Masters in Business Administration in addition to many work-related qualifications.

Epilepsy has had a significant impact on Ross’s life but says that with support from his loving family, friends, our wonderful NHS and Epilepsy Scotland, he has achieved goals in life he says never thought possible without or without epilepsy.

Ross views his epilepsy as not a condition that should prevent him or others from engaging in work, social, academic or recreational activities.

Whilst his epilepsy has periods of fluctuation, Ross is a positive person who tries to see the best in any situation and finds this helps him.

Ross has been a board trustee for many years. He is also involved in voluntary work elsewhere including mental health and local football.