Course overview

This course is designed to extend the principles of epilepsy management explored in the Understanding Epilepsy and Administration of Midazolam (UEAM) course. This can be added on as a short module to the full day UEAM course. By the end of this module staff will:

  • have achieved a good understanding of why diazepam/paraldehyde is used to stop seizures
  • be familiar with storage and usage constraints
  • be aware of how to read and check a personal emergency medication protocol
  • be familiar with side effects and signs of overdose

They will:

  • have witnessed and the practical procedure of administering rectal medications using a model, applicator and/or rectal tube
  • have been made aware of the legal and practical implications of administering rectal medications in seizure related emergencies
  • have been given the opportunity to discuss concerns and implication for use specific to their workplace.

Delivery and fees

This course is delivered:

  • Live Online (private course for larger groups of up to 15): £149
  • Face to face (private course for larger groups of up to 15): £49*

*As an addition to the cost of the full day UAEM course (£799). Organisations will be charged for the trainer’s travelling expenses which are calculated at 40p per mile from the Epilepsy Scotland office to the training course venue.

To book

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