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Youth Project

Meet other young people with epilepsy

Our Youth Project is based in Edinburgh. Being diagnosed with epilepsy can be difficult at any age, but it can be particularly difficult if you are a teenager already dealing with a lot of changes in your life. Our Lighthouse Youth Project provides an opportunity for youngsters to socialise and talk to someone in confidence about the things that matter. Here is what some of them had to say about their experiences at school.

Young people involved in our Youth Project meet regularly to undertake social activities and go on various trips together.The project is split into two groups:


      Superhero Kyle conquering his fears                


  • Youth Group: This group is for young people with epilepsy aged from 11 to 15. The group meets every 2 weeks for an activity. These activities include archery, bowling, laser quest, electronic gaming, drumming or a day gorge walking.
  • Transition Group: This group is for young people with epilepsy aged 15 to 19. The Transition group meets every 2 weeks for an activity. These activities are similar to the Youth Group, but we also try to incorporate age-appropriate events like job seeking and careers and workshops on communication, alcohol, drugs, and memory problems

As a group member, you will be actively involved in making decisions about group activities and the things you want to do. You will meet regularly and discuss ideas for the upcoming activity programmes.


To see what difference our Youth Project makes, watch our video: 


Also have a look at previous years' programmes for some ideas what the groups are up to:

Transition Group Summer leaflet 2010
Youth Group Autumn and Winter Schedule 2009
Youth Group Summer Leaflet 2010

If you want details of the new programmes, please contact our youth worker, Kirstyn Cameron, on 0131 659 4730 or email



Our youth project also provides one to one support. We give you the chance to have a confidential chat with our youth worker, Kirstyn Cameron. She will give you the space to talk about issues you may be dealing with, or just to have a chat. We provide information and support on many issues regarding epilepsy. We also help with many other non-epilepsy related issues, worries or concerns. Meeting with the youth worker can happen as frequently as you like or, it can just be a one off chat. It is up to you and we will fit around your needs and wishes. If you are feeling particularly isolated then Kirstyn can meet with you more often and try to help resolve any issues you bring up. Kirstyn can keep in touch with and work alongside schools, family planning clinics, job centres, GPs, Epilepsy Specialist Nurses and social workers. This is up to you.

“The youth group means the world to me.  If it was not for the youth group then I wouldn’t have somewhere where I can be myself and not worry about getting bullied.  The youth group is somewhere where I feel safe and secure where I can go if I have something on my mind.”


There is a lot going on with our Youth Project. If you are interested in becoming a member or just wish to find out more about it, please call Kirstyn on 0131 659 4730 or email:

Also have a look at our teen guide Guide to getting on with your life.