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Travel insurance made easy!

 Epilepsy Scotland is excited to announce a great deal on travel insurance for people with epilepsy. 

We have teamed up with Medical Travel Compared - a travel insurance comparison site with a difference.  Medical Travel Compared specialise in comparing insurance companies who offer policies to people with health conditions such as epilepsy.  These companies are often difficult to find, meaning that many people don’t compare policies; they just take what they can get and often pay a premium price.

Bringing over 18 specialist travel insurance companies together on one independent site means that you can easily compare quotes and choose the best deal for you.  Best of all, you only have to enter your medical information once!

"Just wanted to say big thank you, i used the link you posted for holiday insurance and was delighted to find that our insurance this year is over a £100 less than last year"

Even better news is that for every travel insurance policy bought through our dedicated Epilepsy Scotland page, we will receive a donation.  It’s a win-win situation – better travel insurance for you, crucial funds for us.

Epilepsy Scotland has a dedicated page to deal with your enquiry.  Simply follow this link and start searching for a great travel insurance deal – and help to support our vital services!