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Cash for Trash

Recycling Appeal

Not only does recycling help to protect our environment but it also helps raise money from items you would otherwise throw away.  We have joined forces with the eco-friendly Recycling Appeal UK who recycle mobile phones and printer cartridges.  If you want to recycle or start a campaign at work and give the profits to Epilepsy Scotland, simply visit the Recycling Appeal UK for a full list of the cartridges which can be recycled. 


We have also joined up with Recycling for Good Causes who recycle any unwanted jewellery and turn it into cash. Damaged, broken and incomplete items will all help - so all those odd earrings and broken chains are a great start! is a unique fundraising initiative to help charities make money by collecting old and unwanted CDs and DVDs. If you are having a clear out, donating your old CDs and DVDs to us will help us to raise money and is totally free for you.  


Call the Fundraising Team on 0141 427 4911 or email We can supply you with return envelopes or arranged for Recycling Appeal to uplift them from you.

Small gestures really will make a big difference.  Why not give recycling a try and help us raise much needed funds?