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Policy news

Our work with the Neurological Alliance of Scotland

We are members of the Neurological Alliance of Scotland who is an umbrella body of organisations and groups representing people living with or affected by a neurological condition.

On 12 March 2013, we, together with 14 other charities, gathered at the Scottish Parliament for the Alliance’s yearly event during brain awareness week. 

This year’s event ‘We are the missing millions’ highlighted the one million people in Scotland who live with a neurological condition.  Each charity teamed up with an individual affected by a neurological condition, and we were lucky to have Rachel Hanretty ‘represent’ epilepsy.  

The event was hosted by Mary Fee MSP who was joined by 16 MSPs willing to learn about the various neurological conditions.

Read Rachel Hanretty’s blog on the event, on meeting the politicians and on her epilepsy.

Clinical Standards for Neurological Health Services in Scotland

NHS Health Improvement Scotland (HIS) has launched some new standards for neurology services in Scotland. There is a two year programme underway which aims to support NHS health boards to achieve these standards and improve neurology services.

All NHS boards have appointed a Health Improvement Lead who will lead on putting the standards into practice in their local area. Boards have completed a self-evaluation in order to find out which standards they are already meeting, identify the challenges and decide which standards are a priority to focus upon.

The boards are currently concentrating on general standards which affect most neurological services. However, they will also be looking at specific standards for epilepsy services. You can see a copy of the standards here.

Epilepsy Scotland recently worked with the NHS to hold an epilepsy-specific learning day about the new standards. This brought people with epilepsy, charities and people from NHS health boards together. Representatives from the health boards heard views on epilepsy services in Scotland and ideas on how the new standards should be put into practice. One participant, Fraser Paterson, reported back:

“Recently there was a conference discussing the implementation of the Clinical Standards for Neurological Services in Scotland. The focus of the day was epilepsy. Several people with the condition played a very active part in a mini forum in front of the whole conference! Two of the key points that came from that were how important and helpful the Epilepsy Nurse service was to the patients and carers, and also the support provided by Epilepsy Scotland in particular.”

Please check our website for future updates on how these standards are being put into place.

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