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Payroll giving

Payroll giving

Payroll Giving or Give As You Earn is a great way to make regular donations to us straight from your pay, and the only way that your donation to us can automatically go up to 50% further at no extra cost to you.

By giving to us regularly from your pay, we automatically receive the tax you would have paid on the donation (your payroll department sort this out for us) and we do not need to claim Gift Aid back on this, so less admin for us, and no Direct Debit needed from you.

Payroll Giving is the only way for anyone paying 40% or 50% tax to give us all their tax on a donation automatically, so if you earn over £44,000 per year then this is the best way for you to support us tax effectively. Some examples are listed below of the donation and what we receive based on the level of tax you pay:

Monthly donation
20% tax payer
40% tax payer
50% tax payer

So a £4 donation from your monthly wage will give Epilepsy Scotland £5 automatically if you pay 20% tax.  To give to us in this way your employer will need to operate a scheme though, so if you are not sure that they do please fill in the form anyway and we will let you know if they don't and perhaps we can suggest to them that they introduce one. In the meantime, there are plenty other ways for you to support us.

Giving to us regularly from your pay allows us to plan for the future. Your donations do make a difference. They allow us to provide support to every age group. Thank you.

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If you have any questions regarding Payroll Giving please do not hesitate to get in touch, by calling 0141 427 4911 or email