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0808 800 2200

Parent support

Support for parents and carers of children with epilepsy

Having a child with epilepsy can affect the whole family. We offer support services to parents and carers of children who have epilepsy. We can also help you understand the effect epilepsy can have on behaviour, learning and family life.

You can access this support in a number of ways: 

  • Information for parents
    Have a look at our parent's resource Everything you need to know about epilepsy, taking you through diagnosis, treatment, impact on family, help from social work, finances, education, transition into adulthood and much more.  This resource consists of 25 individual factsheets all of which can be downloaded from here.  If you prefer to have a complete printed copy of the set, contact our helpline team on 0808 800 2200.
  • Parenting workshops
    Epilepsy Scotland runs parenting workshops in both Edinburgh and Glasgow. These are delivered by our facilitator with specialist training in this area. The workshops are designed to give parents and carers the knowledge and skills to help both children with epilepsy and the whole family. The parenting workshops are approximately 6 sessions long, but can be extended to suit the needs of the group. We are also running a specific course 'Understanding your teenager' for parents.
  • One to one support and information
    Epilepsy Scotland offers one to one support and information to parents of children with epilepsy. This support can be face to face if you live in South East Scotland or by telephone or email if you live elsewhere in Scotland. We also provide in depth information and can advise on issues such as possible implications of seizures for education, behaviour and home life.
  • Parent support group
    We run a Parent support group in Edinburgh which aims to meet monthly. The location of the group varies and sometimes there is a social activity. If you live elsewhere in Scotland, please contact the Epilepsy Scotland Helpline to find out about support in your area.
  • Advocacy Service
    Epilepsy Scotland can advocate on behalf of families on issues such as education and respite support. Depending on where you live, this can either be done directly or via the telephone.

For more information on these services please telephone Epilepsy Scotland on 0131 659 4730 or email Michael Adair

If you cannot find the help you are looking for, please contact the Epilepsy Scotland Helpline.