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Inappropriate Terminology

Some terms used to describe epilepsy or seizures are inappropriate. The following words should be avoided due their inaccuracy and negativity:


  • The term 'fit' should be avoided. A 'seizure' or 'epileptic seizure' is preferred because people with epilepsy do not always experience convulsions.
  • To describe a person with epilepsy as 'epileptic' is inappropriate. Please remember - only seizures are epileptic, not people.
  • The term 'illness' - epilepsy is a neurological condition not an 'illness'
  • The term 'victim' or 'sufferer' gives the impression of someone who is helpless.
  • The terms 'grand mal' and 'petit mal' previously described types of seizures. These terms are old fashioned and are too general to describe the many seizure types that exist.

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