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Managing Difficult Epilepsy

Managing Difficult Epilepsy (MDE)

This one day course is also certificated for 2 years (as recommended by SIGN, NICE and JEC guidelines). It is designed for staff and volunteers in caring agencies working with people who have poorly controlled epilepsy and have been prescribed rescue medication. It is also suitable for parents and other carers.

This course will provide you with knowledge and a clear perspective of understanding and managing difficult epilepsy. The course includes information on:

  • Common types of seizure types
  • Treatment for epilepsy (epilepsy drugs)
  • First aid for seizures
  • How epilepsy can affect the person, family, friends, carers, and the wider community 

You will understand the principles and safety aspects that relate to the administration of emergency medications such as rectal diazepam, rectal paraldehyde and buccal / nasal midazolam . You will learn how to act within the guidelines of the individual care plan / protocol. You will be shown the practical procedure of administering these medications and allowed to practice them where appropriate.

The certificate is awarded on the day after completing the course. To be awarded the certificate the participant must demonstrate:

  • Basic understanding of what epilepsy is and how it is treated
  • Awareness of the more common types of epilepsy
  • Understanding of first aid guidelines for seizures including the appropriate use of emergency medication
  • The practical procedure of administering rectal diazepam using a model and a rectal tube where appropriate
  • An awareness of the legal and practical implications of administering rectal diazepam
  • The practical procedure of administering buccal midazolam using the epistatus system
  • An awareness of the implications of the use of buccal and nasal midazolam

The certificate for this course is valid for 2 years.

The cost is £109 per person delivered in our Edinburgh or Glasgow office, and includes refreshments.  A moblie sandwich vendor visits, but, otherwise, you should bring lunch with you, as there are no shops within easy reach of our location within the half-hour lunch break.

A maximum of 15 delegates can be trained at your own venue for a cost of £799* (from 1 April 2017).  Available dates can be viewed here 


*In addition to the cost of the course, organisations will be charged for the trainer's travelling expenses which are calculated at 40p per mile from the nearest Epilepsy Scotland office to the training course venue.