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Living with epilepsy

Personal stories of people affected by epilepsy

Epilepsy Scotland works continuously to ensure that we raise awareness of epilepsy. Influencing attitudes helps us to fight discrimination and the social stigma associated with epilepsy. To achieve this goal we involve people with epilepsy and together we inform public opinion, educate the media and influence government policies.  If you would like to share your story about epilepsy please contact: 


Rachel Hanretty's story

Rachel Hanretty is a businesswoman who makes and sells French style macarons.  She took epilepsy for the second time six years ago having been seizure free for years after brain surgery as a teenager. Here Rachel shares why epilepsy does not stop her following her dream goals.






Jane Turner's story 

Jane Turner is a professional golfer playing on the Ladies European Access Tour Series. She has epilepsy which is now mostly under control. She is determined her epilepsy will not hold her back in her career. Here she tells her story for the first time...







Epilepsy is much more than seizures

This poweful video highlights just some of the physical consequences, social challenges and profound emotional experiences of people affected by epilepsy. Some of the people we work with speak candidly about the wider effects that epilepsy has had on their life: 

 video produced by Paul Russell


Inspiring stories 

In 2008  we compiled personal stories of people affected by epilepsy. This was exhibited at the International Bureau for Epilepsy (IBE) conference in Marseille in October 2008.

You can download the compilation of stories here: My active life