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Information about epilepsy

We have a whole section dedicated to information

Whether you are looking for a quick starter guide to epilepsy or more specific information on treatment, we have the right information for you. 

Our epilepsy information is written in plain English and provides basic information on topics such as memory, diagnosis, women, first aid and safety.   The information range also covers more specific topics such as the kind of  financial assistance you may be entitled to, treatment with the ketogenic diet, issues to consider when travelling abroad, or possible triggers such as stress, alcohol or recreational drugs.   You will find all of this in our Epilepsy information section.  All our information is checked for factual accuracy by medical professionals.  We only use reputable sources for our information, so it's information you can trust.  

Please note, all of our information on epilepsy and related issues is not intended to replace medical advice, so if this is what you are looking for, you need to speak to your doctor or epilepsy specialist nurse.