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Breaking news: relaxation of driving regulations

Breaking news: relaxation of driving regulations

Added: 30 May 2012, 14:08

The DVLA have just announced they will relax some of the current driving regulations for people with epilepsy.  These changes will come into effect later this year and are expected to benefit many people with epilepsy:


  • For the first time, anyone who has only ever had seizures while asleep may now be considered for a licence after one year, instead of the current requirement of three years.
  • The new rules will also allow drivers who have only ever had seizures that have ‘no impact on consciousness or the ability to act’ to apply for a driving licence one year from the date of their first seizure.  Currently anyone with any type of seizures will have to be completely seizure-free for a period of 12 months before they get their licence back
  • Anyone who has a break-through seizure during medication withdrawal, change or reduction of dosage (advised by a medical specialist!), will now only have to wait 6 months of being seizure free again before they get their licence back, provided the previously successful treatment has been reinstated.   Currently this is one year.