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Winning Support for Epilepsy

Added: 21 May 2012, 09:50

Press Release: Friday 18 May 2012

Winning Support for Epilepsy

All five Scottish political party leaders are National Epilepsy Week champions.  This week they joined a photo call with 68 MSP gold medal winners who are cheering on constituents with epilepsy to achieve their goals.   Every MSP can sport this badge of honour, presented by national charity Epilepsy Scotland, to help to raise public awareness of the world’s most common neurological condition during 20-26 May.

Chief Executive Lesslie Young said: “We value every MSP who takes the needs of the most vulnerable to heart, and having the support of every party leader including the First Minister means a great deal.  Every day eight people develop epilepsy in Scotland.  We’ve chosen achievement for this year’s National Epilepsy Week theme because each person can reach their potential with the right care and support.  Our website will showcase the range of things people with epilepsy proudly achieve in 2012, whether it’s champion hurdler Dai Greene winning an Olympic medal or someone who learns to swim or drive.

“Individual dreams and personal ambitions do differ but research shows that good epilepsy management and accepting public attitudes aid people to realise their goals in life. Conversely, poor seizure control and socially stigmatising reactions often limit and isolate a person with epilepsy and may also have a detrimental impact on their family’s quality of life. Scotland has 54,000 people with epilepsy and we don’t want to waste their huge potential.  Let’s award an equal right for them to contribute to society as someone without epilepsy.”


Notes to the editor

1.    Epilepsy Scotland works with people affected by epilepsy to ensure that their voice is heard.  We campaign for improved healthcare, better information provision and an end to stigma.  This common serious neurological condition affects one in 97 people.  We represent 54,000 people with epilepsy in Scotland, their families and carers.  Our freephone Helpline (0808 800 2200) offers support and information, or try, text 07786 209501, find us on twitter @epilepsy_scot twitteror facebook or visit:

2.    National Epilepsy Week is 20-26 May and this year’s theme is achievement.  Epilepsy Scotland will hold an online quiz for people to test their awareness and web visitors can view the Glasgow winners of a primary school poster of epilepsy competition from Tuesday 22 May.

3.    For a photo of the First Minister with party leaders in the Scottish Parliament supporting National Epilepsy Week or more details and case studies (Glasgow and Edinburgh) please contact Epilepsy Scotland’s Public Affairs Officer: Allana Parker on: 0141 419 1701 or 07884 012 147.