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Warning for Epistatus users

Warning for Epistatus users

Added: 12 March 2012, 12:43

Epistatus Midazolam buccal liquid: Change to syringes

The manufacturers of Epistatus have released some batches of medicine with a syringe that measures 1.5ml rather than 1ml of liquid. This is because some people are given more than 1ml of Epistatus as an emergency medication. The problem is that people who are unaware of this change, may fill the syringe all the way to the stop and give 1.5mls by accident. To avoid this it is essential that you use the measurements on the side of the syringe to measure the amount of Epistatus you need.

The manufacturer has decided to go back to the original 1ml syringes to stop this problem occurring. The 1ml syringes will be available again from mid-April. In the meantime, please check your syringes to see whether they are 1ml or 1.5ml before using them. The batches that are known to have 1.5ml syringes are: 27234, 25658 and 27229

If you are worried, or need further information, please contact us on 0808 800 2200 or