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ViroPharma Symposium

ViroPharma Symposium

Added: 1 December 2011, 15:53

 ViroPharma Symposium on Emergency Medication for Prolonged, Acute Seizures

Many UK clinicians and specialist nurses attended Viropharma’s symposium at the November International League Against Epilepsy conference in York.  Leading epilepsy experts discussed how emergency medication is vital in treating prolonged acute seizures to prevent potential serious consequences, such as status epilepticus.  Guest speakers included Professor Matthew Walker who identified early intervention and appropriate, effective treatment as key priorities. Dr Rod Scott outlined evidence-based research for the use of buccal midazolam as emergency medication and current government guidelines for its use first-line in the community.  Professor Stephen Brown explained how best clinical practice could be achieved, and the barriers that need to be identified and overcome to ensure that patients receive the best treatment and care. Epilepsy Bereaved Director Jane Hanna emphasised how reducing the risk of potentially fatal seizures included discussing and considering emergency medication as part of any individual patient’s care plan.