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Specsavers receive Epilepsy Friendly Award

Specsavers receive Epilepsy Friendly Award

Added: 19 September 2017, 13:46

We are delighted to announce that Specsavers Glasgow Trongate were awarded the Epilepsy Friendly Award in Spring 2017.

Here's what they had to say: "Specsavers Glasgow Trongate are very proud to have been awarded with the Epilepsy Friendly Award for their store.  Nicola and the team at Epilepsy Scotland have been very supportive in helping us to achieve this award by offering training on epilepsy for our staff, this allowed us to understand the condition and how to respond appropriately should they witness a seizure. 

The staff were also very keen on looking at our store and have made some reasonable adjustments to support staff and customers who visit our store who may require assistance. 

We found the training and support provided by Epilepsy Scotland very engaging and informative and were extremely keen to support awareness of epilepsy by holding a fundraising day instore."

For more information, check out this link