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MSPs Go Purple Supporting Epilepsy

Added: 28 July 2011, 14:40

MSPs Go Purple Supporting Epilepsy

This Saturday, MSPs up and down the country are wearing hues of purple to support epilepsy on national Purple Day.

Purple Day is about raising awareness of epilepsy in a fun way. Leading charity Epilepsy Scotland is inviting people to join in this special event and do something with a purple theme over the weekend.

Chief Executive Lesslie Young said: “Epilepsy is not well known or understood despite it being the most common serious neurological condition in the world. So Purple Day gives people a chance to be thinking and talking about epilepsy. It’s great to have MSPs doing their bit to support our cause as are schools including St Ninians in Fife. There are lots of community events happening, with people holding a dance in the Spey Valley, others are running a raffle in South Queensferry or even baking purple glitter cakes in Hamilton. This is just a flavour of the many enjoyable things you can do to take part. We also intend to show the best Purple Day photos on our website's photo gallery.”

Whether you're at school, home, working, or retired, you can follow Purple Day in your own way. Epilepsy Scotland's website shows how you can raise money as well as awareness for a good cause at