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Have your say about PIP (Personal Independence Payment)!

Have your say about PIP (Personal Independence Payment)!

Added: 3 June 2014, 12:41

As part of its ‘Your Say’ initiative, the Welfare Reform Committee of the Scottish Parliament has asked Epilepsy Scotland to share the experiences of people with epilepsy around Personal Independence Payments (PIP).

PIP has replaced Disability Living Allowance (DLA) for people aged 16 to 64 who have care needs, and/or mobility needs.

The idea is that the Committee gathers experiences and views from people with experience of applying for or receiving PIP, to provide some insight for MSPs into the impact welfare reform is having on people in Scotland.

New claimants, people who have a change in their care or mobility needs, and those whose fixed term award ends, are currently assessed for PIP.  The majority of existing DLA claimants won’t be re-assessed for PIP until 2015 or later.

The Committee is interested in hearing about the experiences of new claimants and those who are changing from Disability Living Allowance to PIP.  They are keen to learn about issues around your experience of PIP including:

•    The PIP claim form
•    The PIP assessment process (including where your assessment was conducted)
•    The Department of Work and Pensions decision on your PIP claim and payment of PIP

Epilepsy Scotland would like to tell the Committee about the impact moving to PIP is having on people with epilepsy, their families and carers. To do so, we need you to help us.  Please tell us about your experiences with claiming PIP!

It’s easy to get in touch:

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