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New guidance to help trade union representatives

New guidance to help trade union representatives

Added: 28 May 2013, 12:07

New guidance launched in National Epilepsy Week will help trade union representatives understand epilepsy better.  Compiled by Epilepsy Scotland and the STUC, the guidance explains how stewards can support members in the workplace who have this common serious neurological condition. For a copy of the guidance  please contact Ian Tasker on 07974 966227.

Epilepsy Scotland’s chief executive Lesslie Young remarked: “We are grateful to the STUC for highlighting issues around epilepsy and employment in this guidance, especially during National Epilepsy Week (19-25 May).  Research shows that as many as three in five employers may not hire someone with this common condition, even though epilepsy is well controlled for most employees.  Our free and simple occupational health guide will hopefully challenge this mind set.  It shows how straightforward adjustments in the workplace can make an employee feel valued, increases their self esteem and helps them contribute to the overall success of the organisation.  Following best practice in epilepsy and employment law is a win-win situation for the employer, trade union representative and employee.”

Ian Tasker, STUC Assistant Secretary said: “Epilepsy is a complex condition and one where unfortunately a massive amount of stigma attaches to those who have the condition, both in society and the workplace.  Trade union representatives are ideally placed to help to break down these barriers.   Our guidance shows where to access support and advice to help them effectively represent and support members with epilepsy, and dispel some of the many myths associated with epilepsy in the workplace."