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0808 800 2200

Helpline 0808 800 2200

Information and a listening ear for all ages

Epilepsy can affect people of all ages including children. It can have an impact on the whole family. Epilepsy Scotland recognises this and over the past few years we have developed a lot of services aimed at helping children, families and young people.

Our free confidential helpline can help direct you to services in your area. We provide information and emotional support to anyone touched by epilepsy including children, young people, parents and carers. We also support professionals for example teachers, lecturers, social workers, employers and support workers.

The reasons people call our helpline include:

  • Epilepsy and education
  • Epilepsy and safety
  • Information on different childhood epilepsy syndromes including Juvenile Myoclonic Epilepsy (JME), Dravets Syndrome or Severe Myoclonic Epilepsy of Infancy (SMEI), Lennox Gastaut Syndrome and Infantile Spasm (West Syndrome)
  • Information and support
  • Youth groups
  • Discrimination
  • Stigma and isolation
  • Outlook for the future
  • Money and benefits
  • Emotional support

For more information on our helpline please click here.