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Guide to Epilepsy and Occupational Health

Information and advice from experts in the fields of occupational health medicine and epilepsy

Epilepsy guide for occupational health

This guide is aimed at employers and has been created by Occupational Health experts, making life easier all round, for employees who develop epilepsy and for HR/Personnel.

The guide tells employers in practical terms what they need to know about epilepsy and the workplace and to help employers and employees get the most out of occupational health. It makes clear the legal responsibilities of employers and describes best practice measures to help employees with epilepsy have the best possible support.

Using our good practice guidelines towards people with epilepsy can help organisations to benefit most from their skills.

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Templates for writing a Personal Emergency Evacuation Plan (PEEP)

If an employee has a disability which means they are unable to get themselves out of a building unaided in an emergency, it is good practice to complete a Personal Emergency Evacuation Plan (PEEP). The plan identifies what help the employee needs to escape to a place of safety, who will deliver it and how. It aims to give employers the necessary information to ensure the right level of assistance is always available.

Preparing a PEEP is done by the employer, using information about the employee’s assistance needs. It is done in two steps:

  • The information is gathered from a questionnaire which the employee completes
  • The employer then uses this information to write up the Plan

The links below provide essential information for employers and a questionnaire and template plan which can be downloaded and used to help create an employee's PEEP.

What you need to know about PEEPs
Step 1 - Questionnaire to assess employee assistance needs
Step 2 - Template PEEP plan for employer to complete