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Charity gifts

Buy your special someone a special something from us

Have you ever spent hours finding the perfect gift for a friend or loved one, only to find it three months later still in the package in the back of a drawer? Or equally, have you ever received a perfectly lovely gift but never had the chance to use it?

Epilepsy Scotland can ease the burden the great present hunt can bring and solve the problem of pretending to like a gift that even your great Auntie Agnes wouldn't want.

Purchase a charity gift for all occasions

We have created a range of special gift packages for you to choose from. By purchasing one of these gifts for your friend or loved one, you will be helping to support the vital services Epilepsy Scotland offers throughout Scotland.

In return for purchasing one of our charity gifts, you will receive a specially tailored certificate to acknowledge your generosity. This certificate will feature a description of how this gift will help support our charity. As well as tailoring the gift to the receiver, we can also, if appropriate, include the sender’s details. That way the person receiving the gift knows exactly who to thank for that warm glowing feeling.


Gift one: Give the gift of knowledge - £8.75

Brian Learns About Epilepsy

Witnessing a seizure can be a frightening experience, especially for pre-school children. As many parents living with epilepsy were struggling to explain their condition to their children, Epilepsy Scotland created a special story book entitled: Brian learns about epilepsy. This story book helps pre-school children understand what epilepsy is and how it will affect their parents.

This gift of £8.75 will allow Epilepsy Scotland to produce 10 copies of this specially designed and illustrated storybook.

Gift two: I have epilepsy cards- £20

A gift of £20 will allow Epilepsy Scotland to provide 150 people living with epilepsy with a small ‘I have epilepsy card’. This can be kept inside a wallet or purse for use in an emergency. It will tell anyone coming to the aid of a person during or after a seizure what to do.

Gift Three: Helpline and information service - £35.00

Epilepsy services across Scotland are limited at best and therefore our Helpline service is a lifeline for many seeking help. Our Epilepsy Scotland Helpline Servicesprofessional helpline officers provide guidance, information and support on a variety of topics ranging from obtaining a free bus pass to calls surrounding depression and even thoughts of suicide.

A gift of £35 will fund one hour access to our free Helpline service, which offers confidential information and support to anyone living with epilepsy in Scotland.

Gift Four: School holiday activities- £55.50

Epilepsy Scotland Activities

Our Lighthouse Youth Project provides vital support for young people living with epilepsy and epilepsy combined with a range of needs and abilities. We provide fun and challenging activity sessions and workshops to help young people understand and manage their condition more effectively.

By purchasing our school holiday activities gift package you will fund one young person to take part in our spring and summer activity sessions. These sessions consist of a full day of exciting activities chosen by the young people including scaling a 60 foot tree, tramping through a forest, hurtling across a Zip Slide, and enjoying a film at the cinema or a meal at their favourite restaurant.

Epilepsy Scotland Charity Gifts



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