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Epilepsy review

Reviewing your epilepsy care

Your annual epilepsy review is a chance to speak to a health professional about your epilepsy and how it affects you. Every year someone from your GP surgery will be in touch with you about your epilepsy. It is important you go to the review even if you feel everything is fine with your epilepsy. The reason for the review is to see if there is anything your GP practice can do to make your epilepsy care better. It will help you to find out about any changes or support that might help.

It may not be your doctor who carries out your review. It could be the practice nurse or pharmacist. Some practices will invite you in for an appointment. Others might offer reviews in different ways. This means your review would be on the telephone or by sending you a postal questionnaire. If you would prefer to see someone you can book an appointment at your surgery in the usual way.

If you want to know more about how a review can help, download: Focus on your health – for people with epilepsy