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0808 800 2200


Email as at

Epilepsy Scotland has a free and confidential helpline service. You can access this service by email. More information on our helpline service is available here.

Epilepsy Scotland is committed to making its helpline service as accessible as possible. For many people email is a quick and convenient way to communicate. We will answer your email during the helpline’s normal opening hours. These are Monday to Friday 10am to 4.30pm (excluding local and national holidays).

We regularly answer email enquiries on a variety of different topics. These include:

  • diagnosis of epilepsy
  • different types of treatment for epilepsy (including medication for epilepsy)
  • children with epilepsy (including childhood epilepsy syndromes like Rolandic epilepsy, juvenile myoclonic epilepsy, Lennox-Gastaut syndrome and childhood absence epilepsy).
  • epilepsy and driving
  • causes of epilepsy
  • seizure dogs
  • intractable epilepsy
  • first aid for seizures
  • support groups and networks
  • living with epilepsy
  • epilepsy alarms
  • epilepsy symptoms and types of epileptic seizure
  • travel insurance
  • employment issues
  • education issues


Your text message will be confidential. For more information on this please download our Confidentiality Policy

Complaints Procedure

Epilepsy Scotland is committed to providing an accurate information and support service to people affected by epilepsy. Therefore, if you have any complaint or concern about our helpline service we would like to know. Please download our Complaints Policy