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Control Transition Campaign

CTRL+T  - Control Transition Campaign

During 2011, Epilepsy Scotland launched a new campaign for improved help and support for teenagers with epilepsy, their families and carers.  A young person with difficult epilepsy may have additional support needs.  When they are at school these are provided by children’s services.  Before teenagers with epilepsy leave school, families and agencies need to plan to ensure the move (transition) to adult care and support services happens smoothly. View our DVD, campaign leaflet and press release.

You can support our campaign by writing to your health board, local council, local politician and MSP.


Knowing the right steps to take

Our Control Transition Campaign has three aims:

  • Help families and teenagers be as prepared and informed as possible
  • Ensure sufficient and appropriate information is available so timely choices can be made for the young person’s future
  • Direct transition help and support to teenagers, their families and carers to give them more control



Planning for adulthood

By law, planning for what lies ahead must be in place 12 months before the individual leaves school.  For a young person with special needs, earlier planning for transition needs to start 2 years before leaving school.

There is no standard format for transition in Scotland.  Some local authorities provide a written plan for transition, but this is not compulsory.  The school provides a lead person to bring agencies together.