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Consultations and position statements

Our views on policy matters

We aim to make a positive difference to people with epilepsy. We do this by letting policy makers know what we think about policies that have an impact, either directly or indirectly on people affected by epilepsy.

All of the policy work that we do is based on evidence. Evidence comes from a variety of sources; from our members, from our helpline, from our clinical contacts and from partner organisations.


Recent consultations

We are asked to respond to consultations from a variety of organisations. Our most recent consultation and survey responses include:

  • Scottish Government Blue Badge Reform Consultation
  • Stakeholder Consultation - Hospital Social Work Services, Edinburgh
  • NHS Equality and Diversity Scheme Review
  • Scottish Government Healthcare Quality Strategy
  • Equality & Human Right's Commission Disability Harassment Inquiry
  • Voluntary Health Scotland & SCVO - 'Scoping Third Sector Solutions to Scotland's Health Needs'
  • Scottish Government Protecting Vulnerable Groups Scheme
  • Royal College of Nursing - Practice standards for nursing project (phase 2 consultation)
  • Long Term Conditions Delivery Support Team - Mid-Term Review of National Service
  • Equality and Human Rights Commission - Draft terms of reference for a formal Inquiry into disability related harassment
  • Scottish Government stakeholder survey 2010
  • SCVO - Strategic Review Reshaping Care for Older People Programme

Following last year's consultation by the Scottish Ambulance Service (SAS) on its future strategy, Epilepsy Scotland has been working with the SAS to develop new care pathways for people experiencing seizures in the community. Here is a copy of our consultation response: Scottish Ambulance Service - Our Future Strategy


Position statements

Epilepsy Scotland recently prepared a short statement on seizures while driving. Here is a copy of our statement:

Seizures while driving position statement